MSDS Documents
This safety information is provided to assist customers in assessing measures necessary for compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations. Individuals handling this product should be informed of the recommended safety precautions, and should have access to this information. The information contained herein is based on available data, and is believed to be accurate. No guarantee or warranty is provided, since the use of this product is within the exclusive control of the user, and it is the user's responsibility to satisfy itself that this information is suitable and complete for its particular use.
Customers are responsible for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations that may be pertinent in the storage, application, and disposal of these product.

5/3/2011 Lead Acid Batteries
2/2/2011 Hydraulic Oils
10/9/2010 Engine Oil
1/1/2008 White Grease
12/1/2006 Blue Goop
10/9/2003 Excel 703 Penetrating Oil, Fuel Conditioner and Air Tool Lubricant



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